2022 Channel Line-Up page

This 2022, Cignal has loaded more channels to your line-up.

See what’s new for you to enjoy! 




Want to know what channels your SuperLoaded Postpaid Plans and Prepaid Loads can access?

Click on your plan to learn more!








Excited to see your Superloaded channel line-up?

Make sure your Cignal box is updated by performing a factory reset!

Visit our Troubleshooting Guide, select your box, and follow the instructions for Skipping / Missing channels.





 I have more channels in my line-up. Does that mean I have to pay more?

Cignal has added more channels to your line-up with no additional cost. That’s right, you can still pay your usual monthly service fee or avail your preferred Prepaid load and access more channels starting February 11, 2022.


Is this a limited time offer similar to a Channel Blowout?

The new channels are now part of your superloaded channel line-up. Browse through your channel list and discover more premium movies & shows.

For Prepaid subscribers, your load is valid for 30 days. If you have purchased your load via Smart Pasaload, this is good for 25 days. Lite Loads are viewable for 2 days.


I used to avail a certain channel by subscribing through Channel Add-Ons. Now, it’s part of my line-up. Do I need to have it manually disconnected?

No worries, we have automatically disconnected your Add-On subscription to prevent charges.


I still want to watch a certain channel through Channel Add-Ons because it’s not part of my line-up even after the Superloaded changes. How can I avail or subscribe?

We suggest to have your plan upgraded. Aside from the channel that you want to watch, you will also gain access to more channels. Now that’s a super move! You may request for a plan upgrade through any of our Cignal Care touchpoints.


*Channel line-ups are subject to change without prior notice. Please visit the Cignal website or contact Cignal Care for updates.

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