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You can now pay your Cignal Postpaid bill via our website and Account Portal!

Conveniently settle your bill with your credit card and process one-time payments
or even enroll your card for auto debit payment.



Powered by
*For Mastercard, Visa,
and JCB Credit Cards


Is this open to all Cignal subscribers?

Cignal Postpaid subscribers may use Cignal's Online Payment portal to settle their Postpaid bills. For PLDT or RED subscribers, kindly refer to the payment channels of PLDT or RED.


What credit cards are accepted?

MastercardVisa, and JCB credit cards are accepted in our online payment portal powered by     


Is this for one-time payment transactions only?

You can process one-time payment transactions here or even enroll your credit card for auto debit payment via the Account Portal.


Do I need to log-in via the Account Portal to process my payment?

You can process one-time payment transactions here. We highly encourage our subscribers to log-in or register in the Account Portal so you can view your Postpaid account and other offers like our add-ons!


If I enroll my credit card for auto debit payment, when will be the first charge/debit?

Once successfully enrolled for auto debit, charges on the enrolled credit card MAY take effect on your next billing. Kindly settle any current balance under "One-Time Payment" or through any of our existing payment channels.


Can I update my credit card details?

Simply log-in via the Account Portal and click on "Replace Credit Card" to update your card details. You should receive an email confirmation on the update.


Can I unenroll my credit card?

Just log-in via the Account Portal, click on "Unenroll Credit Card" and click "Proceed" to unenroll. You should receive an email confirmation stating that you have successfully unenrolled your credit card.


Disclaimer: You may see a Php 10 charge used by PayMaya to validate your card details when enrolling your credit card for recurring payments. Please note that this is automatically voided. You will not be charged when you add or link your credit card. uses information-gathering tools, such as cookies, web analytics, and other similar technology to better personalize your content. By using this website, you agree with our privacy policy

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