How To Read Your Bill

  1. Subscriber Information
    Contains the subscriber name and billing address

  2. Billing Information
    Account Number: The fixed number assigned to the subscriber. This number should always be used when paying or inquiring on your service account thru Customer Case or Dealer
    Subscription Plan: The subscribed package plan
    SOA (Statement of Account) No: The assigned bill number
    Statement Date: Date of bill generation
    Billing Period: Period of service being billed

  3. Statement Summary
    Contains the following:
    Previous Charges: Contains the total amount due from the previous month's bill and payments received before Statement Date
    Current Charges: Contains all current charges, which may include:
       - Pro-rata Charges: Proportional fees from installation date to Statement date
       - Current Subscription Charge: Fee for the current billing period
    Payment Due Date: Dates to settle previous and current charges to avoid service interruption.
    Total Amount Due: Sum of the previous and the current charges

  4. Announcements
    Contains product and service updates

  5. Payment Stub
    Summary of account details for payment purposes uses information-gathering tools, such as cookies, web analytics, and other similar technology to better personalize your content. By using this website, you agree with our privacy policy

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