PLAN 520 1st Box 2nd/3rd/4th* Box
Cignal Kit 1,990 1,490/box
Advance Monthly Service Fee (MSF) 520 N/A
Monthly Box Maintenance Fee (MBMF) N/A N/A
Box Extension Fee N/A 10
One-Time Activation Fee N/A N/A
Installation Fee (minimum) 1,000 500/Box*
Total Initial Cash-Out 3,510 1,990
Total Monthly Recurring Fee 520 10
PLAN 520 1st Box 2nd/3rd* Box
Cignal Kit FREE N/A
Advance Monthly Service Fee (MSF) charged to bill N/A
Monthly Box Maintenance Fee (MBMF) N/A N/A
Monthly Outlet Fee N/A 230
One-Time Activation Fee 700 N/A
Installation Fee (minimum) 1,000 500/box*
Total Initial Cash-Out 1,700 730/box
Total Monthly Recurring Fee 520 230/box

*4th box can be availed on Plan 1650 and 1990 only. *For additional boxes installed on a different day from the primary box, a minimum of P1,000 installation fee will be charged per box. *For Postpaid HD Lite, lock-in period is 24 months.

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