Account Portal FAQs

What is Cignal Account Portal?
The Cignal Account Portal is your 24/7 access to your Cignal Postpaid Account. It allows you to keep track of your account details, stay posted on your billing statements, and order/ subscribe to value-added services.
Once registered in Cignal Account portal, you can enjoy access to the following:

  • View billing statements and payment history online
  • Subscribe to exclusive Value-Added Services and Pay-Per-Views
  • Exclusive access to Fox Movies Play
  • Cignal promos and announcements
  • Enroll your account in E-Bill

Who can use the Cignal Account Portal service?
Subscribers will be required to register their email address, Cignal Postpaid Account Number and Smart Card number to enjoy the service.

Note: Cignal subscribers who are already enrolled to the FOX Movies Play service are automatically registered to the Cignal Account Portal. Existing FOX Movies Play username and password may be used to access the service.

How do I access the Cignal Account Portal?
Visit and click on the Account Portal icon located on the top right portion of the page or simply type in your web browser.

Account Portal registration process for first time users:
Go to Cignal TV's website at and click on the Account Portal icon located on the top right portion of the page or simply type in your web browser.

  1. To register, provide the following primary details:
    • Cignal Account Portal
    • Smart Card Serial Number. (Click here to know your Smart Card Serial Number)
  2. Once successful on the initial registration, the Cignal Account Portal shall display account details to be filled out by the user. If details provided are not valid, Cignal Account Portal shall prompt the user to provide the correct details.
  3. Subscriber must read and agree with the Terms and Conditions in order to proceed with the registration process.
  4. To complete the account portal registration, the subscriber should access the Cignal Account Portal activation link sent to the registered email address to activate the account.
  5. An email confirmation shall be sent to the registered email address once account portal has been successfully activated


Note: In case you’re having trouble registering, it is possible that you may have registered your credentials to an existing Cignal service. Please click "Forgot Password?" and provide your registered email address. An email will be sent you for the next steps.

I am already a registered user, how do I log in to my Cignal Account Portal?
To log in, go to Cignal's website at and click on the Account Portal icon found on the upper-right portion of the page or visit Provide the following information upon log in:

  • Email Address
  • Password

How do I retrieve my password?

Upon log in Cignal Account Portal, select Change Password to nominate a new password. Once the following details have been completed, select the Change Password button to save your new Cignal Account Portal password.

How can I change the details of my profile and account?
For any request to change details on your account, click here to contact Cignal Customer Care.

Where can I see my billing statements in Cignal Account Portal?
Upon login to Cignal Account Portal, go to Account then select Billing History. You can view your Statement of Accounts (SOA) for the past 6 months.