1Pay Bayad Center

  1. Select Bills Payment on the 'choose service' screen.
  2. Select Biller: CIGNAL
  3. Enter the account details then click NEXT
    1. Cignal Account Number (click here to know your account number.)
    2. Cignal Account Name (first name and last name)
  4. Insert the bills in the machine, one at a time.
  5. Review the details of the transaction
    1. Account Number
    2. Amount Inserted
  6. Once paper bills were inserted, wait for the red light to turn yellow and press ‘PAY’.
  7. Receipt will be issued for every successful transaction.

Note: 1Pay Machines only accept bills (coins are not accepted). Php 50 minimum payment applies.

Click here to view location of 1Pay Bayad Center Machines

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