Payment via Metrobank Branches / Over the Counter :

  1. Go to the nearest / most convenient Metrobank Trust Co. (MBTC) branch
  2. Get a copy of Metrobank's "Payment Slip" (please find attached copy) and accomplish the required information/details;
    1. Company Name: Cignal TV, Inc.
    2. Subscriber Number - Cignal Account Number (click here to know your account number).
    3. Subscriber Name: Name of paying subscriber
    4. Mode of Payment: Cash / Check
    5. Amount of payment

    NOTE: Payment Slips are to be accomplished in duplicate copies.

    • 1st copy- Bank copy
    • 2nd copy- Client's copy
  3. Present Payment Slip to MBTC teller together with cash/check.
  4. Once validated, MBTC Teller will give subscriber/subscriber representative a validated copy.
  5. To ensure correct posting of payments made, check the copy of the Payment Slip received. Verify if the payment details are correct and if the slip is machine validated.
  6. Payment Slip serves as proof of payment.


Please bring your SOA when making a payment. If SOA is not available, please ensure that you provide the correct Cignal Account Number. Check payment should be payable to "Cignal TV, Inc." At the back of your check, write your Cignal Account Number, Cignal Account Name and Contact Numbers. uses information-gathering tools, such as cookies, web analytics, and other similar technology to better personalize your content. By using this website, you agree with our privacy policy

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