RCBC Online Banking

  1. Log in www.rcbc.com to enroll.
  2. Once enrolled, log-in to RCBC Access One (https://www.rcbcaccessone.com/web/lg/Login/Index)
  3. Once logged-in, click on 'Pay Bills'.
  4. Choose the source RCBC account.
  5. Click on List of Billers > select Cable Companies > select CIGNAL TV Inc.
  6. Enter your Cignal Account Number (click here to know your account number).
  7. Enter the Cignal Account Name
  8. Enter the Amount to be paid.
  9. Click Process Transaction button for the system to proceed.
  10. Enter the Transaction Password
  11. Click Proceed to Payment.
  12. You may select the following options "Save Receipt as Local file" / click "Save To Mail Box"/ click "Save Transaction as Template" for copy of the proof of payment.

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