Eastwest Bank


Payment via Eastwest Bank Branches / Over the Counter

  1. Subscriber can go to any Eastwest Bank branches nationwide

  1. Fill-out the Bills Payment Slip :

1.Date: Date of Payment

2.Company/ Institution name: Cignal TV Inc.

3.ReferenceAccount Number: Subscriber’s Cignal Account Number

4.Account Name: Subscriber’s Cignal Account Name

5.Contact Number: Subscriber’s Contact Number

6. Amount: Amount to be paid

  1. Teller to process the payment and provide the validated payment slip to the customer which will serve as proof of payment


Please bring your SOA when making a payment. If SOA is not available, please ensure that you provide the correct Cignal Account Number. Check payment should be payable to "Cignal TV, Inc." At the back of your check, write your Cignal Account Number, Cignal Account Name and Contact Numbers.