Cignal Referral Promo


Promo Mechanics

  • The promo is open to all active existing Cignal Postpaid and Prepaid (SD and HD) subscribers.
  • Existing Cignal Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers who will refer a new subscriber, either Postpaid or Prepaid, will get a reward or prize. Said subscribers will be called “referrors”.
  • The reward or prize is one time regardless of the number of successful Cignal Postpaid or Prepaid referrals. Please see table below for matrix of prize/reward.

 Type of Existing Subscriber  Reward or Prize  Amount 
 Postpaid  Bill Credit  500.00 
 Prepaid  Free Load  Current Load Denomination 

  • The referror’s existing Cignal Postpaid or Prepaid account number shall serve as their referror code.
  • Non-Cignal subscribers, who shall be termed as “referrees”, shall call the Cignal hotline to avail of either a Cignal Postpaid or Prepaid subscription. Please see below specific hotline touchpoint options:
    • Call 0917658555 or 0949977600 up to 603 or 888-5555
    • Text to apply using 09176585555 or 09499977600
    • Online application via website
  • The referees shall provide the account number and contact number of the referror when they call the Cignal Hotline so that it will be tagged to existing Cignal Postpaid or Prepaid subscriber who referred them.
  • Referror shall enjoy:
    • Postpaid referrors get 500.00 bill credit
    • Prepaid referrors get free load based on their current load
  • The bill credit or free load will be allowed on a per unique account number only, i.e. one-time only. Multiple credits on the same account number will not be allowed.
  • Data will be extracted by the 1st week of the following month. The report on all successful referrals should include the account number of the referror upon extraction of the report.
  • Extracted data will be validated within 7 days prior to bill credit or free load.
  • The bill credit or free load shall be given to the referror within 30 days from validation. See table below for reference.

  •  Data Extraction  Data Validation  Bill Credit or Load 
     March 1 - 31 Referrals  Week 1 of April  Week 2 of April  May 16 to June 16 
     April 1 - 30 Referrals  Week 1 of May  Week 1 of May  May 16 to June 16 

  • For Cignal Prepaid subscribers, free prepaid load shall be directly credited to their account.

Duration: March 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019

    1. Valid ID
    2. Cignal Service Application Form
    3. Valid Proof of Billing

Requirements for Application: March 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019

  • Estimated installation fee of P1,000 applies. May vary depending on location and materials needed.
  • Add’l cable- P12.50/100cm, line amplifiers - P700, Splitter - P575

Promo runs from March 1 to April 30, 2019
Per DTI-FTEB Permit no. 3477 Series of 2019