MBTC Auto Debit

MBTC Auto-Debit Arrangement via Bank Account (Current/Savings Account)

  1. Cignal subscriber may get the Authorization to Debit Account (ATDA) enrollment form through:
    • Cignal Website (Click here to download the form)
    • Nearest / most convenient Metrobank Trust Co. (MBTC) branch.

  2. Cignal subscriber should completely fill-out the ATDA enrollment form.
    • Name of Billing Company: CIGNAL TV, INC.
    • Servicing Branch: <leave it blank>
    • Name of Customer: Cignal TV Account Holder’s Name
    • Branch of Account: Should be MBTC branch of account
    • Peso account to be Debited: Savings account/ Current account
    • Name of Account Holder: Should be MBTC Account Holder’s Name
    • Account Number: MBTC Account Number
    • Subscriber’s Number: Cignal TV Account Number
    NOTE: Prepaid cards and Paycards are NOT allowed for enrollment.

  3. Cignal subscriber should submit original and completely filled out ATDA form to either of the following:
    • Subscribers MBTC depository branch
    • Cignal TV Head Office:
      c/o CIGNAL TV – Finance Credit Team
      5F Launchpad Building, Reliance corner Sheridan Sts., Mandaluyong City
    NOTE: Scanned copies will not be accepted

  4. Cignal will submit received original ATDA enrollment forms to designated MBTC branch for document validation and enrollment

  5. For declined ATDA enrollments made via Cignal Head Office (original forms submitted to Cignal TV Head Office), notification to the subscriber will be sent regarding enrollment status.

  6. The Authorization to Debit Account (ATDA) shall take effect only upon approval of the ATDA enrollment, and shall apply to the CIGNAL TV, INC., charges indicated in the following month's SOA (effective the next month's billing). Processing will be within 5 days before SOA due date.

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