Channel Add-Ons


Your availment of and subscription to CIGNAL’s CHANNEL ADD-ON shall be governed by and subject to the terms and conditions of the CIGNAL TV Residential Direct-To-Home Service Agreement (the "Terms and Conditions of Service"). In addition, you agree to:

  1. Pay the Channel(s) Add-on fee once billed, which fee is on top of any advance payments and/or promos availed;
  2. Keep your payment up-to-date until the day of the event to avoid service interruption;
  3. The Channel(s) Add-on service and charge shall continue to apply every month until you notify CIGNAL of the termination of the Channel Add-on service through Cignal Care:
  4. Cignal Care Hotline: (02)-244-6251
    Cignal Care email:

  5. The Channel Add-on fee is non-refundable, and the service is non-transferrable and, as provided for in the Terms and Conditions of Service, shall solely be used for residential viewing.