United Coconut Planters Bank Online Banking

Enrollment is required for bills payment facility through UCPB Online Banking

  1. Log-in to www.ucpb.com and select UCPB Connect Icon.
  2. Click the UCPB Connect Icon and page will be redirected to the Customer Service Advisory page.
    Click the UCPB Connect Icon again.
  3. Key in your UCPB Connect Username and Password to log-in. Keep your registered mobile phone or email handy, to receive a transaction password to complete your transaction.
    NOTE: For added security, the TRANSACTION PASSWORD is a dual-authentication security feature that ensures that the accountholder is the one initiating the UCPB Connect transaction. Make sure you update the Mobile Phone Number and Email Address registered in your UCPB Connect profile so we can send you your transaction password correctly.
  4. For BILLS PAYMENT, please enroll the biller to proceed.
    • Click 'Enroll Biller' in the PAYMENTS category
    • Select CIGNAL TV in the biller drop-down list
    • Fill up the Billing Details and click the ADD NEW BUTTON
  5. To proceed with Bills Payment, click GENERATE TRANSACTION PASSWORD
    • Once you receive the transaction password from your registered mobile phone number or registered email, Click PAY BILLS from the left panel of the page.
  6. Completely fill up all the necessary fields
  7. Choose the source UCPB account
  8. Select CIGNAL TV as biller
  9. Choose the enrolled Cignal Account Number
  10. Indicate Amount to be paid
  11. Indicate Cignal Account Name
  12. Click SUBMIT
  13. Ensure all information are correct, click on CONFIRM button
  14. You will now be notified via SMS/Email that the transaction is successful.

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