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What is
satellite broadband?

Satellite broadband is a technology that enables internet connectivity to areas that are currently not covered by fiber and mobile broadband. This makes Cignal Connect the perfect solution for people in remote or isolated areas, giving you internet access wherever you are

Why choose
Cignal Connect Prepaid?


Pay only for the data you need

No more worrying about paying for unused data. With Cignal, you can choose the plan that perfectly suits your lifestyle and data consumption.


Faster plans than ever

With a maximum download speed of 15Mbps, this is the fastest Cignal Connect plan yet. Your internet just got better.


Top up whenever you want

Top-up anytime with no lock-ins needed. Only pay for the service whenever you’re using it.

Prepaid Data Packs

Choose your preferred pack and connect right away



Valid for 30 days



Valid for 30 days



Valid for 60 days



Valid for 90 days



Valid for 90 days

All data packs have maximum speeds of 15Mbps download and 1Mbps upload

Cignal Connect is a shared service.
Speeds indicated are peak speeds.
Overall connection experience is dependent on the number of concurrent users, device, website content, and other factors.

island-falls island-house

one time

Kit: P35,000 Installation:
Starts at P6,000

Cignal Connect Kit includes:


Antenna and BUC

The combination of the antenna and BUC (Block Upconverter) gives you a stable connection and optimal quality of service


HT2010 Modem

The HT2010 Modem is a powerful, next-generation satellite terminal designed for residential and SME use


If you want to learn more, contact Cignal Sales

Cignal Sales



Metro Manila

(02) 8888-5555

Provincial (Toll Free):

  • #88-555 for Smart, Sun, & TNT users
  • 0917-658-5555 for Globe users
  • 0949-997-7600 (up to 7603)

If you are an existing subscriber and need assistance, contact Cignal Care

Cignal Care



Metro Manila

(02) 88-888-222

Provincial (Toll Free):




Text Line: (4681) 8222
or 0919-160-0122

Frequently Asked Questions

Cignal Connect is the latest product of Cignal TV, the #1 pay TV provider in the country. Cignal Connect is a satellite broadband service that aims to provide internet access and connectivity to areas with limited or no broadband connection.

Internet signal is received by the satellite dish. The dish is connected to a modem which delivers internet to your PC or other device via LAN cable or wi-fi router.

It is for subscribers that are located in far-flung areas where fiber broadband and mobile data connections are limited or not available. It can be used for personal and business needs.

Cignal Connect covers the whole country and can give you internet access wherever you are, even the most remote areas.

You may visit our Cignal sales partner nearest you or call our sales number at (02) 8888-5555 to inquire or subscribe.

To qualify for a plan subscription, you need to submit the following:
  • Fully accomplished Subscriber Application Form
  • One (1) valid ID
  • Proof of Billing (for Postpaid subscribers only)

There is no lock-in period for Prepaid subscribers.

Yes, you need to purchase the Cignal Connect kit. The equipment will be installed by our Cignal sales partners in your premises. The kit includes a satellite dish assembly and accessories, as well as a modem.

Yes, installation fee starts at P6000, and may vary depending on your location and specific requirements.

A prepaid subscription is better for you if you would like to be flexible with the data volume that you buy and not have a lock-in period. The prepaid packs come in different data volumes and you can select the pack that would suit your needs at a particular time, instead of being tied to a fixed monthly plan.

Yes, postpaid plans are also available for subscribers who prefer to be billed a fixed amount on a monthly basis. Here are the available postpaid plans:
Starter Plan Basic Plan Standard Plan Ultra Plan
  • 2 Mbps MAX download
  • 0.5 Mbps MAX upload
  • P6,500 per month
  • *12 month lock-in period
  • 5 Mbps MAX download
  • 1 Mbps MAX upload
  • P14,500 per month
  • *12 month lock-in period
  • 8 Mbps MAX download
  • 1 Mbps MAX upload
  • P19,500 per month
  • *12 month lock-in period
  • 10 Mbps MAX download
  • 1 Mbps MAX upload
  • P23,500 per month
  • *12 month lock-in period

Prepaid subscribers will have access to the Cignal Connect account portal. Through the account portal, you may purchase any data pack using credit card, debit card, Gcash or Maya. These payment options are available for top-up transactions if you still have remaining data balance. However if your data balance reaches zero, you can only purchase load through Gcash or Maya. If you prefer the other payment methods such as credit card or debit card, please ensure that you top-up before your data balance reaches zero.

The account portal is a self-service tool that allows Prepaid subscribers to manage their account, from purchasing or loading data packs to viewing available data allowance.

About Cignal Connect

This is the latest venture of Cignal TV, the #1 pay TV provider in the country. Cignal Connect aims to provide internet access and connectivity to under-served areas in the entire nation using its VSAT technology.