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Magka-access sa internet kahit saan man sa Pinas with the newest satellite broadband from Cignal!

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2 Mbps DATA UNLI 6,500 per month 2 Mbps max download 0.5 Mbps max upload *12 month lock-in period 5 Mbps DATA UNLI 14,500 per month 5 Mbps max download 1 Mbps max upload *12 month lock-in period 8 Mbps DATA UNLI 19,500 per month 8 Mbps max download 1 Mbps max upload *12 month lock-in period 10 Mbps DATA UNLI 23,500 per month 10 Mbps max download 1 Mbps max upload *12 month lock-in period

*Cignal Connect’s Satellite Broadband Service is delivered subject to equitable share of network resources among its customers. Indicated are the peak speeds.

One Time Charge
Kit: P 36,000 Installation: Starts at P 6,000

What is Satellite Broadband?

Satellite broadband is a technology that enables internet connectivity to areas that are currently not covered by fiber and mobile broadband. This makes Cignal Connect the perfect solution for people in remote or isolated areas, giving you internet access wherever you are.

Cignal Connect Kit includes:

1.2m Antenna and 3W BUC

The combination of the 1.2 antenna and 3W BUC (Block Upconverter) gives you a stable connection and optimal quality of service

HT 2300 Modem

The HT 2300 Modem is a powerful, next-generation satellite terminal designed for residential and SME use

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About Cignal Connect

This is the latest venture of Cignal TV, the #1 pay TV provider in the country. Cignal Connect aims to provide internet access and connectivity to the entire nation using its satellite technology.